2nd Workshop on Relating Logic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cagliari, Italy, 22–23 July 2022

2nd Workshop on Relating Logic 

Cagliari, Italy, 22–23 July 2022

The Workshop follows the conference Trends in Logic XXII and is organised by the Department 
of Pedagogy, Psychology,
Philosophy, University of Cagliari (Italy), the Department of Logic,
Copernicus University in Toruń (Poland), and the Institute for Philosophical Research,
National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico).



Any papers related to relating logics are welcome. Topics of interest include
(but are not limited to) the following:

- model theory of relating logics,
- proof theory for relating logics,
- algebraic interpretations of relating logics,
- modal extensions of relating logics,
- applications of relating semantics,
- axiomatization of logics defined through relating semantics,
- relating semantics as an alternative semantics for logics,
- philosophical logics defined by relating semantics (reduction of various 
logical connectives to relating connectives),
- comparison of relating semantics with other formal semantics,
- combination of relating semantics with other formal semantics (problem 
of reduction),
- philosophical foundations of relating logics,
- history of relating logics,
- other related topics (dependence logic, set-assignment semantics, etc.)



A special issue of Logic and Logical Philosophy is being prepared after the 1st Workshop
on Relating Logic
in 2020. After the 2nd Workshop, full versions of selected papers will be
published in a special issue of Logic Journal of the IGPL

Please send your submission on the email address: relating-logic@umk.pl.


Important dates

Paper submission deadline: 30.06.2022
Notification of results: just after the submission
Workshop: July 22-23, 2022


Programme commitee

Luis Estrada-González (Mexico City)
Tomasz Jarmużek (Toruń)
Jacek Malinowski (Warsaw)
Krystyna Mruczek-Nasieniewska (Toruń)
Francesco Paoli (Cagliari)
Michele Pra Baldi (Cagliari)


Keynote speakers

Alessandro Giordani (Milano)

Marek Nasieniewski (Toruń)

Hitoshi Omori (Bochum)

2nd Workshop on Relating Logic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cagliari, Italy, 22–23 July 2022